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The Athetican Realm

The Gods brought Athetica into existence manipulating the fundamental energy and fabric of the Universe populating it first with Dragons, Giants and Cloud Elves.

The Gods watch with pride as Athetica evolved, creating the moons, continents, mountains, oceans, and sentient life.  To the Gods, Athetica was an exquisite jewel, a monument to their power, full of life, a place of refuge and hope for a better future.

Then, it started as a subtle warping to the fabric of their reality.  The Gods debated, argued and agreed; five would find the source of the threat, and five would remain to keep watch over Athetica.

As the remaining five Gods commanded, Athetica took a seat on The Chrysanthemum Council, but not as an equal, only to be seen, not heard.  The God Corron argued in vain for Athetica’s equal status on the Council, but in the end, past mistakes were repeated, and lessons not learnt.

Corron rebelled against his fellow Gods, thereby starting the God War.  As Gods fell from the sky one by one, Athetica was left broken and scared for millennia.

Today, on Athetica, life is abundant spread across four of the five continents with towns, villages, full of elves, dwarves, humans, orcs, giants and others go about their daily business.  It’s a world of wizards, knights, druids, psions, pirates, witches and clerics exploring ancient ruins, mysteries or raiding caravans for treasure.

The God War is now the stuff of myth, Athetica is real; and it doesn’t play favourites.

Welcome to Athetica.

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Our goal is more than making unique 1/24 scale fantasy figures; it’s about sparking our customer’s imagination, creativity, whether you are a professional modeller, an amateur, a collector or a hobbyist.  The range of figures, races and classes will continue to expand into the future.

Our figures are ideally suited to:

  • Model enthusiasts of all skill levels
  • Table Top Gamers
  • Board Gamers
  • Role-Playing Games (RPG)
  • Collectors
  • Additions to Dioramas / Displays

Set within The Athetican Realm, for each figure, you will learn about their background history, role and position within the world of Athetica.

Who will you be?