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Miniature Masterpieces: It’s all about perspective

A quick search of the internet will reveal a plethora of painted figurines from all genres, types, styles, and skill levels, e.g., Fantasy, Armour, Gundam.  These finished pieces represent a significant investment of time regardless of your skill level and experience.

We mentioned previously, figurines enhance the gaming experience, especially for those who take great pride in displaying their finished pieces.

Whether it’s a Masterpiece or not. It is a matter of perspective.

As a guide, we’ve listed below what has worked for us

  1. Choose a figurine/miniature/model you want to paint within your budget.
  2. When starting, purchase just the colours, glue, and brushes you need.
    • Use the box art, instructions, and box descriptions as a guide to help you
    • YouTube, Google, and Book Art are other good reference sources
    • Or ask the shop assistant to help you.
  3. What materials you don’t use, keep for the next project.
    • Your collection of paints and materials will grow over time.
  4. If provided, do read the instructions.
    • You’ll be surprised how many mistakes can be avoided by reading the instructions!
    • This is true for even the most experienced painter or hobbyists.
  5. You will make mistakes!
    • Yes, This is normal! Yes, it is frustrating, but don’t give up.
    • This is how EVERYONE learns, and we mean everyone.
  6. Preparation
    • You may need to wash the figure in soapy water to remove any residual oil/dust before painting.
    • Prepare your figure by removing any blurs, flash, or seams on the parts.
    • Apply a Basecoat; this provides an even clean surface to which the paint(s) can adhere.
  7. Try not to apply paint too thickly.
    • It’s better to apply several thin layers of paint.
  8. In the beginning, paint one section or piece at a time, letting it dry thoroughly.
    • With experience, you’ll learn to have multiple pieces drying while you paint other parts or details.
  9. Final Assembly
    • “Dry’ Fit pieces before applying glue.
    • Once fully assembled touch-up any missed areas, etc.
  10. When you have finished.
    • Ask yourself what you could do better next time?
    • And how? For example thinning the paint, using less glue?

Ultimately it’s your Masterpiece, Hobby and Imagination. It’s all about the best you can do.  And most of all, having fun.

Share your Masterpieces (or Disaster pieces?) with Mythic! We’d love to see what you’ve done.

At Mythic Figurines, we will continue to release new races and characters.  Mythic’s Figurines suit Hobbyist of all skill and experience levels.


17 thoughts on “Miniature Masterpieces: It’s all about perspective

  1. C_Mueller says:

    I’ve been painting and collecting figures, models etc for years. A well written, and simple approach.

  2. CarlosP says:

    Gracias, lo leí y lo imprimí para que lo siguieran mis hijos. En realidad tiene sentido para ellos y para mí.

  3. AdamaNTOZ says:

    Another excellent blog and overview

  4. Steve says:

    Direct, to the point! Nice

  5. Benalon says:

    Could you do a series of articles for more advanced modellers?

    1. Mythic says:

      Yes, we are planning to exactly that! Stay tuned!!

  6. bostonbd says:

    Thank you. Can explain ‘dry fit?’

  7. S_Doyle says:

    Informative step by step! TKQU

  8. ZhouOwl says:

    Mythic, and Makes sense to Me 🙂

  9. MihaiChal says:

    Din nou material util și detaliat

  10. Ash_lee says:


  11. RoxB says:

    Thank you. I send the link to my kids to read.

    1. Mythic says:

      Dear RoxB, You’re welcome.

  12. Wilddog says:

    Glad I found the blog. Used it as guide for a new group players and friends. Worked a treat.

  13. Zuraida Imolas says:

    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

  14. Chris Hill says:

    Hi there Mythic, as an experiment the following response is written by ChatGPT: What do you think? right or wrong?

    Title: Embracing the Beauty of Miniature Masterpieces: A Shift in Perspective

    In a world where bigger often seems better, there’s an art form that challenges this notion – miniature masterpieces. These tiny works of art pack an incredible amount of detail, precision, and creativity into a compact space, inviting us to shift our perspective and appreciate the beauty in the small.

    At first glance, one might underestimate the impact of these miniatures. After all, how much can you really convey on such a small scale? But therein lies the magic – the ability to tell a story, evoke emotions, and capture the essence of a subject in a tiny frame.

    Take, for example, the intricate world of dollhouse miniatures. These tiny replicas of real-life scenes transport us into a realm of imagination and craftsmanship. From meticulously crafted furniture to tiny culinary delights, every detail is thoughtfully executed, inviting viewers to marvel at the skill and dedication required to create such pieces.

    But miniature art isn’t limited to dollhouses. Artists around the world are pushing the boundaries of scale, creating everything from miniature paintings on grains of rice to tiny sculptures that fit in the palm of your hand. Each piece is a testament to the artist’s ability to think beyond the constraints of size and create something truly remarkable.

    What makes miniature masterpieces so compelling is the level of intimacy they foster. Unlike larger artworks that may overwhelm with their size, miniatures draw viewers in, encouraging them to lean closer and explore every inch of the composition. In doing so, we discover hidden details and subtle nuances that might have gone unnoticed otherwise, deepening our appreciation for the art form.

    Moreover, miniatures offer a unique challenge for artists, requiring a high level of precision and attention to detail. Every brushstroke, every carve, every stitch must be executed with care, demanding patience and skill. In a world where instant gratification is often the norm, miniature art reminds us of the value of slow, deliberate craftsmanship.

    But perhaps the most profound aspect of miniature masterpieces is the shift in perspective they inspire. In a society that often equates size with significance, miniatures challenge us to reconsider what it means to create something of value. They remind us that beauty can be found in the smallest of things – a delicate flower petal, a single brushstroke, a miniature world contained within a tiny frame.

    So, the next time you come across a miniature masterpiece, take a moment to pause and appreciate the craftsmanship, the creativity, and the perspective it offers. For in these tiny treasures, we find a world of beauty waiting to be discovered.

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