Dwarf Fighter – The Athetican Realm

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Dwarf fighter description
dwarf fighter description
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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Dwarf Fighter – The Athetican Realm

  1. Anton Raj

    I purchased this figure and the Anti-Paladin. Lots of detail to pick out, but worth the effort in the end

  2. eugene suares

    Bela miniatura! Pintado com mais facilidade.

  3. Hien

    COVID chậm giao hàng, nhưng đáng để chờ đợi.

  4. Asher

    Two Thumbs up! Would recommned

  5. MollyMum

    Do yourself a favour! Now my favourite fighter

  6. Lord_Cymric

    Sgoinneil, mion-fhiosrachadh math agus iongantach.

  7. LilithD4

    I really enjoy these figures! Use them in my D&D sessions. The DM is working on the wizard this weekend.

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